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There are a number of great reasons to join AIME.

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  • Take advantage of Education and Research Opportunities.
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The AIME site features a number of ways that our members can communicate, share and form a community. One important area is the forum. Each membership group has an individual forum, to help people connect with other users and information of interest. The forum is further categorised into topics to help members find an existing thread that’s of interest, or alternatively and appropriate space for a new thread.

Another important area is presentations, once again grouped by community and categorised. These presentations may incorporate a range of media other than text and images, such as video, powerpoint etc. Video presentations may be pre-recorded, or even live events that are scheduled in advance.

Membership to the various communities is free. Your login is secure - and only individuals who are permitted to sign up to a particular community can do so. Once you have signed up you can create a profile and include as much professional information about yourself as you like. This information is visible to other members within your community.

Why become a member of AIME

Your content

Members can contribute their own content. Post a range of content to further a specific discussion of interest to you and your colleagues.

Sharing with others

Member content can be shared with other members of your AIME community.

Networking Opportunities

Your member profile is a great starting point to network within the AIME community. Make a name for yourself amongst your peers.

Education and Research Opportunities

Presentations are a good opportunity to learn more about your profession. Presentations may incorporate CPD points.

Supporting the medical community

AIME is a not for profit organisation, founded to support the Australian Medical Community. The primary goal of AIME is to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to collaborate and assist themselves through education.